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My Computer Collection

For the last few years I have been collecting old computers, calculators, home video games and any other related items. There are a couple of reasons I am doing this. Firstly I started using computers around the same time that many of the machines I have in my collection were being used as mainstream computers, so there is a lot of nostalgia for me here. Secondly, and possibly more importantly, I believe that if we don't do something soon about saving old computers we are going to loose a great historical era were computers were evolving, each one was different, and they even had personality.

In the pages that make up this web site you find will details about the items I have collected so far.

As most computer collectors will tell you, space to store our collections is the biggest problem we face. Up until recently I would take almost anything, but I was finding that I wasn't devoting enough time to the machines that I wasn't passionate about. So recently I have been passing on items to other collectors who have got the time and interest for them. So my main interests are the home computers of the late 70's and early 80's, and Unix workstations.

I have split the collection into product types and manufacturers to help with the navigation through the site. The current product types I have are:

You can also look at everything I have using the 'Plain Text List Of Everything' I keep.

Can you help my make my collection more complete and help preserve computing history? I now have a page that lists hardware and software I require to make some of my systems more complete.

Wanted :-) I am always looking out for new computer bits so if you have an old computer that you don't need/want anymore let me know and I will give it a good home. (I am located in Cambridge in the UK.)

Note: If you find any wrong information here then please tell me and I will correct it.

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Created by: Kevan Heydon on Tuesday, 25-Oct-2011 02:37:06 BST

The pictures of my computers in these pages are Copyright Kevan Heydon, 1996-2002. You may use them for non-commercial purposes as long as they are properly attributed to me.