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Can You Help?

Can you help me make my collection more complete and help preserve computing history? I often take in computers that do not have any software or are lacking vital peripherals to make them work. I then set about trying to find the missing pieces to make the system complete again. I have created this page to help in this process.

Note: I live in Cambridge in the UK, and I try to source my components within the UK to cut down shipping costs and make payment easier. But for things I want very much, like the Lisa PSU, then I will consider it no matter where it is in the world.

If you can help me out on any of these items then please email me at collector@heydon.org

The things I am looking for are:

  • Apple Lisa 2 Power Supply
    My Apple Lisa 2 lacks a working power supply unit. I am currently looking for either the schematics for the unit (Apple Part Number: 699-0190) or a complete replacement unit.

  • HP 45 Power Supply or Battery Pack
    The battery pack on this calculator is dead, and I also do not have a charger for it. Does anyone know of a cheap source of these items?

  • Keyboard membrane for a CGL/Sord M5
    The keyboard membrane for my CGL M5 has the "e" key missing so I need a replacement if I am ever going to be able to write FOR NEXT loops again. I suspect that I will have to find another complete machine to fix this, so if you do have a broken M5 (apart from the keyboard) then I would be very interested in it.


Created by: Kevan Heydon on Tuesday, 25-Oct-2011 02:37:06 BST

The pictures of my computers in these pages are Copyright Kevan Heydon, 1996-2002. You may use them for non-commercial purposes as long as they are properly attributed to me.