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* Galactic Invaders

Brandvance Galactic Invaders

Link to a large picture... (517x515 - 73Kb)

This is a curious game because it is niether a simple bat and ball type game or a cartridge based system. The case is bright orange plastic and constructed on similar lines to the ZX80 and Jupiter Ace, i.e. small plastic rivets hold it together. It has five keys on the top which are the controls for the game. Inside there is a 6503 (a 6502 with only 13 address lines) a 2K EPROM, 16 other 74XXX logic chips and a pair of 2114's to give 1K of RAM. The graphics are of the same quality as the Sincliar ZX80/81's. It plays a version of the classic space invaders.

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1)  Ser. No. :
Acquired : 05/05/1996
Status : Working


Created by: Kevan Heydon on Tuesday, 25-Oct-2011 02:37:04 BST

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