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Colour Genie
* Video Genie EG3003

EACA Video Genie EG3003

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This was a clone of a TRS-80 Model I with Level II BASIC. I have been unable to find out any information about the manufacturers apart from they marketted these machines under different names in different contries. In Australia they were called System-80, in the USA they were called PMC-80 and in South Africa the TRZ-80.

My Items...
1)  Ser. No. : 3128N22494
Acquired : 23/10/1981
Status : Working
History : 24/01/1996 - The graphics are screwed up. This is caused by one of the 2114 video memory chips being broken. The effect is that the lower four bits of all video memory is set on.
06/04/1996 - I replaced both 2114 video memory chips and the machine is back to full working order. I was even able to load and play Arcade Scramble from Kansas software.
2)  Ser. No. : 8045 08907
Acquired : 07/04/1996
Status : Faulty
History : 08/04/1996 - There is what seems like a video memory problem with this machine also. Time to replace the 2114's to see if it clears it up. There is also a minor fault with the cassette player. The spring that lifts/ejects the cassette lid is missing.


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