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Sinclair Spectrum

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1)  Ser. No. : 001-005718
Acquired : 18/03/1996
Status : Broken
Notes : A curiosity with this machine is that instead of the standard ROM it has an EPROM (along with a bit of hardware hacking to make it work) that is labeled 'RODMON V0.2 06:12:85 (c) Digital Integration 1985' Unfortunately the machine does not seem to work. When powered up you just get four evenly sized vertical black and white bars. The border comes up in various colours and a few of the keys can cause the border colour to change and emit a low volume beep.
History : 08/04/1996 - Apparently RODMON was the early cross development environment which Rod Swift programmed. It used a CPM machine as the host and compiler, and then transfered and debugged on the Spectrum.
2)  Ser. No. : 001-011052
Acquired : unknown
Status : Unknown
3)  Ser. No. : 012-837710
Acquired : 18/03/1996
Status : Unknown
4)  Ser. No. : D01-261470
Acquired : 18/03/1996
Status : Unknown
5)  Ser. No. : V01-111138
Acquired : unknown
Status : Unknown


Created by: Kevan Heydon on Tuesday, 25-Oct-2011 02:37:06 BST

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