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* 4/110

Sun 4/110

The first desktop/side Sparc machine. As such they are probably the slowest Sparcs you can get.

My Items...
1)  Ser. No. : 501151301454
Acquired : 27/01/1995
Status : Working
Notes : This 4/110 is interesting because it has a monochrome graphics board that has a resolution of 1600x1280 and also has different FPU. I haven't determined whether this FPU is faster than the ones in my other 4/110's.
History : 06/02/1995 - I ran a couple of benchmarks in this machine and indeed the FPU on it is almost twice as quick as the "original" FPU's. Integer performance is the same.
2)  Ser. No. : 501151301479
Acquired : 01/12/1994
Status : Working
3)  Ser. No. : 501151600043
Acquired : 23/01/1995
Status : Working
Notes : This machine did have 20Mb of memory in it but two of the simm sockets (U1502 & U1506) appeared to be faulty. After removing the first 4Mb of memory (i.e. reducing it down to 16Mb) and reconfiguring all the jumper settings the machine now runs quite happily.


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