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Other Collectors

Below are links to other collectors web pages that I have found on the Web.

  • Yves Bologini - Bolo's Computer Museum

  • Tom Carlson - Obsolete Computer Museum
    A blend of both real and virtual museum, and as such, it documents both machines owned by the curator, and machines owned by individuals around the world. This is a very good site for pictures and for reviews of the machines written by the original owners of them.

  • Steve Cooper - Computer/Game Page
    For someone who has only been collecting since March'96 he has acquired quite a collection of home micros and video games.

  • John Derbyshire - John's Computers
    A collection of mainly 8bit micros but there are some Digital PDP 11's here and a VAX 11/780.

  • Philippe Dubois - Musee D'Histoire Informatique
    A fine collection of microcomputers. These pages are in french but even for us non speakers it is easy to navigate the site. There are some machines in the collection that could be considered as quite rare outside of France.

  • Carl Friend - Computer Collection
    A collection that consists of mainly minicomputers but there is the odd micro and even a slide rule here. The collection is very well presented, and the pages work well on both graphical and text-only browsers.

  • Dave Hicks - The Museum of HP Calculators
    If you are looking for information about HP calculators this IS the place to go The are some good collector resources here that include rarity ratings and some repair hints and tips.

  • Jay Jaeger - Collecting Old Computers
    Another minicomputer collector with PDP's Data General's and HP's (I wish I had the basement that could take all this stuff.)

  • Anders Sewerin Johansen - Old home computers and entertainment systems
    A small collection home computers and video games.

  • Brian Mahoney - Computer Collection
    A collection of 8bit micros and PC's

  • Robert Manners - Bob's Computer Museum
    A collection that consists of minicomputers, 8bit micros, 16bit micros, 32bit micros, portables and pocket machines. There are plenty of pictures here but the pages are well split up so you don't get overloaded with them.

  • Donovan Marshall - Computer Collection
    A small collection of home micros.

  • Paul Pierce - Pierce Computer Collection
    When it comes to large mainframes this is the personal collection that beats them all. So serious is the collection, that it is housed in an office block.

  • Eric Smith - Retrocomputing page
    A fine collection of many different types of computers. Manufacturers you will find here are AT&T, Apple, Atari, Digital, HP, IBM, IMS, Linn! and Tektronix.

  • John Teehan - Computer Collection
    A collection of home micros and PC's

  • Isaac Traxler - Computer Museum
    A collection of 42 computers and 14 printers. They are mainly home micro's with a few CPM and PC systems also.

  • Mike Umbricht - Computer Collection
    A collection of mainly DEC equipment and at the center of this is a VAX 11/750 that runs a BBS and is connected to the Internet.

  • Bill Von Hagen - Ever Expaning Collection
    The best collection of workstations you will find. There are over one hundred machines in this collection and 37! of them are workstations.

  • Mike Walder - Mike's Computer Museum
    The collection ranges from home micros, DEC Mates, HP machines and various old PC's.

  • Will Williams - Sprog's Computer Closet
    A very nicely presented collection of mainly home computers.

  • James Willing - Jim's Computer Garage
    A fine collection of both micro computers and some small minicomputers. The collection ranges from Altair's and Imsai's through to DEC MicroVAX's and are presented with pictures and nice descriptions. (There is even a jukebox here - you'll have to go to the collection to find out why.)

  • Jorn Ziesmann - Mein privates Computermuseum
    These pages are in German, but the list of home computers found here is easily understandable.


Created by: Kevan Heydon on Tuesday, 25-Oct-2011 02:37:06 BST

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